Saturday, December 29, 2007


We had a great Christmas in the mountains. It snowed off and on the whole time. Our first white Christmas. You can see photos over here in my photo thing.

It is crazy to look back on 2007 and all that it was. We have only been in Portland for 6 months???? Time did some weird bending for us this year. Let's see what we pulled off this year:

-Decided we wanted to uproot and move out of Oklahoma.
-Visited Portland and fell in love.
-I landed a job long distance in Portland.
-We sold our house by ourselves in 30 days(including closing)
-Bought a Wii :)
-Drove for 3 days across the country with beagles.
-Had to move ourselves out of an apartment after 20 days, found a rental house in less than 48hrs.
-Melissa landed a good paying teaching position 3 days before start of semester.
-I started writing for a pretty popular Portland blog.
-Melissa decides it is time to change careers.
-Saw some really great live shows we have been waiting years to be able to see.
-Realized we moved to the greatest city in the US.

I apologize if that comes off as bragging, but we have done and been through a lot this year. I think it is important to recognize those things as we reflect on ourselves. And again, I am my number one target reader for this blog anyways. I hope you enjoy it as well. If not, sorry.


Anonymous Patrick said...

The best thing you did is buy a Wii!

1/09/2008 6:16 PM  

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