Wednesday, December 5, 2007


So I am in fact now 30. Still getting ID'd.

Melissa and I went to Newport Oregon to stay on the coast. As I mentioned below, there was a crazy storm blowing in. This turned out to be a sight to see. The waves were awesome, the wind was insane. I think they clocked a gust of 125mph that first night.

Newport is an awesome coastal town. Much like most of Oregon, this bay area is in no way a tourist trap. Although they do have a Ripley's Believe it or Not, they also have Rogue Brewery. They also have beautiful beaches that meet amazing hillsides. Clam chowder that will make you think about it daily.

We spent most of the time watching the wind and the surf from a 2-story condo we rented. Awesome place we will return to. I shot a quick video on my cell when we went down to the beach during lower tide. The wind had to be near 75mph.

We also found a message in a bottle. It was truly one of the greatest weekends I have had in my 30 years.

Newport, we will be back. And to think its less than 2 hours away. I love this state.

Here's some photos


Blogger Barrett said...

Newport is quite the charming town. One that inspires the random sea shanty. And I never ate so much clam chowder. Didn't make it to Rogue or Ripley's. Sean and I were concerned you may have been taken by the sea. I hope you took a cursory dip.

12/07/2007 7:02 PM  

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