Sunday, August 24, 2008


So I started my new job. I am pretty excited about it. The firm really seems to care about their employees. Everyone I have met has been really nice. The team I am on has been a pleasant surprise of personalities. I was a little worried that I would be stuck working with boring and stuffy types, but that has been proven to be completely wrong. After only 5 days I feel fairly comfortable with most of the group, and have already done a happy hour with them. I expect many more happy hours to come.

Some unexpected perks of this new job, besides the great co-workers mentioned above:
1. Free World Cup coffee! They offer a wide variety of coffees and even have a machine in the break area that you can get espressos, cappuccinos, etc, all from fresh ground beans.
2. Free Soda Fountains through out the offices. I pretty much stopped drinking soda, but now that it is free and only two doors from my office, dang, I am even drinking Pepsi at work!
3. My own office, with a door! I have had my own office before, but it was essentially a closet. This new one is the size of my bedroom! I will be getting more furniture soon:
Mah new office

Melissa's family is flying in today, so we will be pretty busy showing them all that Portland has to offer. Well, we will at least put a dent in that. Y'all take care now, ya hear?


Blogger Mairead Todd said...

A soda fountain next door??
damn- and free coffee??

8/28/2008 1:51 PM  
Blogger April said...

your own office?! suh-weet.

10/25/2008 8:28 PM  

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