Friday, August 1, 2008

Aqueduct - Towne Lounge - Portland, OR 7/30/08

Aqueduct rolled through town the other night. It's always great to see these guys and get to hang out with them when they come through. I went to high school with a couple of these guys, and am happy that we have stayed in contact.

Aqueduct is a really fun/party show. I normally am not into that stuff, but something about them always gets me dancing and having a blast. Add to that the music has much more depth then a normal party tune, and can be listened to and enjoyed outside of said context.

Over the years this group has seen a varied line-up. This current line-up has gotten tighter then I have ever seen them before. Rock solid and very impressive. Their "mash-up" of Warren G's "Regulators" with Michael McDonald's "I Keep Forgettin' was not only genius, but it was done to perfection. Matt, I had no idea you could rap/sing like that!

I promise you will have a blast at their shows, go see them if you get the chance.


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