Saturday, October 6, 2007

Com o D

Wow. Last night was amazing. I think it really sealed the deal on moving here for me. We both got home from work. Had a beer or two, relaxed for a little bit. Then we needed to get food before the comedy show. This is where I got excited about it all.
We just had to walk over to the train(Max) station, which is about a 3 minute walk. Jump aboard, get off in the "Old Town" area, then walk one block to our favorite pizza restaurant, Old Town Pizza. Then walk another couple of blocks to the venue. How cool is that? We were then able to drink all night, get pretty F'ing drunk and not have to drive home. Brilliant.

Let's talk about the comedy show:

If you don't know what I am talking about when I say Comedians of Comedy, well I am not sure what to tell you. They just released a new DVD of one of the shows. Go rent/buy that or the other one they released a few years back. It is basically a tour of really great younger comedians. Smart guys and gals, geared towards people like me. Which I guess I will let you define what that is.

So Patton Oswalt started the show with sort of a warm up. It was great. He slammed all the craziness of Portland, the hipsters and hippies, etc...But he then went on to really define the city for what it is. It is a place of Eden. He said, "...if you were born and raised here, you must stay, do not leave. You have no idea how terrible this world is, stay here and enjoy life" He said it in a funny way, but man, he got it right. I apologize if this comes off as bragging, but I intend not to take this place for granted. Melissa and I worked really hard to get here and we intend to enjoy it as much as possible, forgive me if I gush about it.
Comedians of Comedy
Solid night of comedy, my face still hurts from laughing. And it turned out we had really awesome seats. We choose balcony when purchasing tickets, because it was the level you could drink in. I think we made the best choice.


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