Saturday, September 15, 2007


I have been using my cellphone as an MP3 for a while now. It has worked great. One device. Plus a great camera. Pretty much all the pictures I put on flickr are from that phone. But unfortunately it can't play .mp4 videos, which are how most Video Podcasts are formatted in iTunes. See, I don't listen to much music, I mainly listen to Podcasts. Lots of them. Mainly tech/Nerd related, mixed with some comedy.


I bit the bullet and bought an iPod. I know it is ridiculous. Before you think ill of me, let me point out that I bought one of the "cheaper" ones. I went for the 4gig nano. Small enough to throw in my pocket, light enough to forget it is there. The screen is not huge, but it is sufficient for watching on the train and buses during my commute.

I think the Video Podcast by Liam Lynch, Lynchland, made this purchase worth it. OMG, this guy is great. If you were ever into Sifl and Olly (I think I was, I own 1 DVD and 2 VHS of every episode) then you know this guy. The first episode I watched caused me to laugh very loudly on the bus, making me look a little crazy. Which is not a big deal in Portland.

This morning was online ticket shopping day. I bought us tickets to the Low show next week at the Doug Fir. Then dropped 300 bones on super tickets to see Neil Young at the Keller Auditorium. This should be an amazing evening. It is an under 3000 seat theater from way back.

Neil Young means the world to Melissa. It is a part of her childhood. Her father used to sing her Neil Young songs. The family would all sing along to the albums on road trips etc... She introduced me to him, and I have been hooked since. I feel it connects Melissa and I together sometimes. We could be in a fight with each other, tense, and all we need to do is put on his Unplugged album, and we both melt back together. Is that sappy enough for you all?

So anyways....

We have succeeded in finding an AMAZING tex-mex restaurant here in Portland. Esparza's Tex Mex Cafe. Small place near Melissa's school. We were going to try a different one last night, but walked up to be told they had a 45min wait. F that. That is another issue I have found. These smaller supposedly great places usually don't take reservations. So you have to wait in line like an idiot starving. No thanks.
So, we decided to drive by Esparza's just to see if they had a line out the door as well. I had read that this is normally the case. Thank the good Lord they were wrong. We were sat immediately and thrown chips and salsa! Holy crap, I hadn't missed good chips and salsa so much. We were already in love. Service was pretty awesome here. Refills on chips? check. Refills on salsa? check. I think this was some of the best tex-mex we had ever had. Best part? pretty cheap! We had beers, and dinners, for $30 including tip. If you live here, try it.

Something we REALLY REALLY REALLY miss about Oklahoma:

Taco Bueno


Blogger mcb said...

hey i thought i'd contact you on here since it makes me sad to think no one reads ur pathetic blog except me, even though my blog is dead in the water for reasons too lenghty to get into now...but i wanna ask you: do you know of any good chat apps with web cam capability for me and mair to use?...we've been using YIM, but it's got ads and her video card is crap i think because if my vid is on her comp, then her comp's vid of her gets all choppy...dig?...she sees me fine, but i see her in big-time stop motion...and sometimes the audio fucks up and blah just seems like a crappy app for that and i was wondering if you knew of antyhing more streamlined?...thx...later.

p.s. i think we may try and come out there for spring break.

9/21/2007 1:18 PM  

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