Saturday, October 28, 2006


I am back from the World of Disney/summer camp for corporate folks. I enjoyed myself to a degree. I have now been to Disneyland and Disney World by myself. Going alone has its benefits:
1. You can do whatever you want, when you want. No need for a democratic process.
2. can.... um......ok it sucks.

I missed Melissa way too much to enjoy myself completely. I started to feel like a creep as I was surrounded by families and groups of people enjoying things together. I kept thinking, "make sure you don't look like some creepy pedophile". It kind of prevents 100% fun.

The conference I went to was allright. I grew tired of the "suit" type people very quickly. A lot of jerky men talking about golfing and traveling as loud as possible. I realized that these conferences are truly summer camps for adults. Penpal(email) pals are made. Shirts are given away to mark the occasion, etc.

And did I mention that Disney World had a lot of children visiting it? It got to be a little annoying being there alone to deal with the children. Had I been there with family of my own, it possibly could have been less annoying. Exchanging only 3-4 sentences with another human being daily over a few days puts me in a weird state of mind. I need the contact, and I wasn't about to start faking a golf/fishing conversation with someone. Actually the last evening was a private event at Animal Kingdom for the conference. Free food/alcohol on the streets of the kingdom was pretty enjoyable. The longest conversation I was involved with was I crap you not: comparing weather trends with my fellow table mates and their respective locations. It went on and on, and we all said the same thing 5-10 times with minimal synonyms involved.

But whatever, free alcohol.

We then were served a private showing of this Lion King show thing. It was actually pretty fun, until my bladder was about to burst, and they had to escort me out in front of everyone(the show takes place in the round, on the floor) The few people I knew thought I was being thrown out for some reason. Again, adding to my already heightened feeling of being "that loner" over there.

Go look at the photos on my flickr page. MGM studios was awesome, the Hollywood Tower of Terror is a must ride.

And now I am back on the couch.


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