Monday, May 26, 2008

Tipping Point?

According to this CNN article, Americans have reached the point of no return for gas prices. I think it is a shame that it really takes prices getting this high for our country to re-visit when and why they drive. I also understand and feel bad for those that HAVE to drive for their jobs or other reasons because of lack of alternatives in their city.

Now that gas costs more than a comfortable amount, we can look to the future of transportation. Will cities like my previous home (Oklahoma City) start getting serious about public transit? Will these cities start to see the adverse effects of suburban sprawl? Will people get over their privacy bubble and start car-pooling? Will those that can, start biking or walking to work?

I have to reflect on how fortunate Melissa and I are to live in a city that has what could possibly be called the best public transit system in America. On top of that we also live in a city that refused to allow sprawl, which ends up making our city completely "bikeable". We have our youth and health, so we do our part by cycling as much as possible to get to work, hang out with friends, etc. When we can't, or refuse to, we can take train or bus. Last resort is the car in the driveway. Everyday that passes makes me hate starting that engine more and more. We are down to driving once or twice a week now.

I don't say this all to sound braggish; I point it out to give others hope and influence. It is time for our cities to change. It is time for our citizens to change. They didn't listen when we called it global warming, but at least they listen now as driving leaves you broke.

I think it is time for our generation's "New Deal". We worry about our jobs in a global economy, we worry about our countries dependency on foreign oil. FDR would have a fix for this. Create Government programs/jobs to re-purpose America's infrastructure. America cannot stay this way and expect it to work. Much like the industrial revolution, it is time for an environmental revolution in America. We excel in the science and technology that may just save us as the world is forced to change.

Do I sound like a crazy hippie?


Blogger Gaile said...

not like a crazy hippie. like a sane person with their eyes open and seeing the oncoming train. we're looking forward to our own move to pdx, coming soon in late July. The transit was a big draw for us as well.

5/30/2008 2:53 PM  
Blogger Brewcaster said...

Gaile, thanks for reading and commenting. You are going to love this city, I promise.

5/30/2008 2:55 PM  

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