Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend of Awesome

Besides summer deciding to start here in Portland all of a sudden, this weekend is jam-packed with Brewer entertainment. Last night we went and saw Quasi play at Hawthorne Theater. My wife and I always have a great time at Quasi shows. This is a band we both listened to a lot in college. Glad they are still at it. I must say though, Hawthorne Theater gets a big two thumbs down as far as venues go.

Today (Saturday) we will be out getting our bikes tuned up, maybe a little dog park action, who knows?

Sunday will have us at the downtown Waterfront to listen to Barack Obama give a speech! Very excited. I think the Decemberists are playing the rally as well, so I will be sure to bring a leather bound first edition of something respectable.

Sunday evening the wife and I will be enjoying what looks like a great comedy show.

And then we gotta go back to work :(


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