Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Day One


We closed on the house yesterday. Made enough cash to cover all moving costs plus a bunch more. :)

We then remembered it was our 2 year wedding anniversary. So we went to have dinner at Deep Fork late in the evening. Food was OK considering they were starting to close for the evening.

This morning began with last minute box packing. The movers arrived on time and loaded us up for the road. *Tip- if you are using a moving company and traveling a long distance, they may tell you they will provide a hard date for arrival at your destination. This is/was a lie. We are still being given an arrival date of July 9th-16th. Great. I did some good old fashion complaining, and they contacted the driver for our move. He estimated arrival on the 11th. So we will be getting to Portland on the 8th, follow me?

All packed and ready to leave the house for the last time. Melissa lets the dogs in and finds that they have rolled around in the worst smelling substance on Earth. I have no idea what it was, but it was amazing. So, I got to run to the grocery store to buy shampoo and hand towels(they didn't have bath towels) so we could wash the dogs before driving to Tulsa. Good times.

Then the good news starts...the movers call me to tell me the final weight and estimated price for the move. Let me preface this by saying we listened to this segment on NPR today, warning against movers that quote you a low ball price based on their estimated weight, then stick you with a huge price once the truck is loaded and weighed out at a much higher weight. So I was ready for it... but it turns out the weight was much lower, thus the move will be $1000 less then we expected! High five.

Then Melissa gets a call from a potential job in Portland! They talked for a while, then she was called back to setup an interview. Another high five please... thanks.

So far, so pretty good. We won't get to spend as much time as we hoped with our families on the way out as we have to beat the spread, but these kind of headaches come with the task.

Stay tuned for a minute by minute update of driving through Nebraska. Sounds boring? I bet it will be. I will save you the boringness.


Blogger B-Rock said...

Yeah, moving sucks. I can barely stand moving 5 miles, so I can't imagine what moving across the country would be like. Oh well, glad to hear that you at least had some good news. Looking forward to the Nebraska updates. I bet you will at least find some interesting pictures to take if you stop anywhere.

Talk to you later.


7/04/2007 11:50 AM  

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