Sunday, April 17, 2005

You are sooooo neglected

OK, not sure where to start with the standard, catching up. I received a call last week from a band needing a guitar player last minute notice for a show next week. The Starlight Mints seem to have had to lose a guitar player, but had a show booked with The Violent Femmes in Edmond next week.

Now keep in mind that was Weds. night. So we have 6 days to work up the set. Also Ryan Lindsey who plays piano in Cheyenne will be playing the piano parts with us. We have had to learn all these crazy, BUT awesome songs. Let me just say that my head is scrambled eggs, and my body hurts. We have been doing marathon rehearsals for about at least 4 hours a night(normally until about 12:30). We didn't practice last night. Cheyenne played Brothers.

Two words: fuck brothers.
Two more words: shit sandwich.

Ok just thought I might catch you all up a little. Sorry updates have been random if not non-existent, but understand the time constraints. See you Weds?


Blogger eric said...


can i have your autograph?

4/17/2005 10:04 AM  

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