Wednesday, March 23, 2005


OK, this is awesome, people are reading, people are posting. Eric is being an impatient asshole about my posting frequency. Not a lot to mention right now. Cheyenne is playing in Dallas and Denton this weekend. Click the "Rock" link if you are interested. If you are staying in OK go see Student Film at the Deli on Friday. I still haven't seen them with their new lineup. Anyone have any comments on that?

I am trying to quit smoking. I know I have been for 6 years now, but the time is really upon me. I am getting these urges to start working out and get in shape boy. Here is a fun fact you all may not know: Brian Brewer ran Cross Country in High School. In fact he made Varsity sophomore year. My best moment: doing a mile in 5:02. Ya think about me now. How depressing. In fact! The Alaska Factor's singer used to be our star runner. Parker and I used to car pool to races and weekend runs. My how things have changed in my life.

I think Melissa and I are going to stay the night in Dallas on Friday and then go to the JFK museum. We always wanted to go, but never have. I get such a feeling just driving down that street. Other than that, I am not a big fan of Dallas. Deep Ellum makes me want to vomit.


Blogger eric said...

since you are quitting again, you can officially become part of the student film cig bumming squad.

3/23/2005 6:30 AM  
Blogger Brewcaster said...


3/23/2005 6:31 AM  
Blogger the_duty said...

i heard the new Studnet Film had 1/2 the carbs and work 2X better on grease and grime!!!

3/23/2005 8:52 AM  
Blogger heathalicious said...

ok yo, im staying in dallas all weekend since the that is where the girl resides. on saturday that would be awesome if we met you at the museum cause i have always wanted to go also. anyway, no promises but a good thought nevertheless.

3/23/2005 11:49 PM  

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