Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quasi Live at Disjecta

I shot Quasi the other night. It was a good time. They had decided to play this show as a "guitar only" show, so no piano. I can't say it was better or worse, but I did miss the variety of sound a little. This was also a learning experience for me as I didn't imagine needing to pad my tripod to prevent the bass frequencies from vibrating the camera. After all the encoding has been done, it just makes it look like I lost focus, but it is really just the ROCK overcoming my camera. This was also my first time getting a audio feed from the board and recording it on my laptop. In post I then mixed the camera audio with the board audio. I am pleased with the results. Drums are a little distant, but I don't think they had any mics on them.

I am still adding more to the album as I finish them, so check back for more.
Please watch in HD using this direct link (player below is lower resolution) =


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