Friday, November 11, 2005

Tivo + Domestic Violence

Let's see start with the violence or the Tivo?????

OK - True Story:

"Bang Bang Bang" on the door(no, not the lyrics to Love Shack)

I had just gotten a fresh beersky out of the fridge, I assumed it could only be Derek and Cyndi doing a "pop-in"

I open the door to two Police officers looking at me with an interesting look:

cops-"are you here by yourself?"


cops-"are you here with your wife?"


cops-"can we talk to her please?"

me-"of course"

Melissa gets of the couch from grading papers and stares at them blankly

cops-"Ma'am your sister called in and said that your husband has been beating you tonight, punching you in the face"

Melissa-(dumb founded) "aahhh, no?"

me-"what's her sisters name, you may have the wrong house"

cops call into dispatch they spout the name of the sister and my supposed wife, none of the names match anyone we know.

me-"ya my wifes name is Melissa not Suzanne"

cops-"sorry to bother you"

May not be such a great story to you all, but it was weird.


OK on to Tivo. Why the hell do you not have Tivo? NO good answer to that. I mean really... I don't understand it. How about this: Free Tivo Box?

Click here for info

I don't want to sound like a salesman, but you will thank me for it. If you do buy one use me as a reference when you set it up,


Blogger the_duty said...

OKC's finest... ALL over it!


fuck a tivo.

11/11/2005 8:07 AM  

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