Friday, November 23, 2007


I posted a Thanksgiving to Portland at Metroblogging Portland (my first post). You can read it by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweat of My Blogs

God Bless the Wii

Hey whats up?

(cool cool)

-Melissa and I found new joy in downloading old Nintendo games on the Wii, and playing the crap out of them. It's pretty amazing how it was like riding a bike. All the hidden coin boxes, bean stalks, and warps were remembered instantly.

-Melissa has decided to end her teaching career. It has run its course and has done enough damage to her happiness. She is still teaching, but activly searching for a new job/career. I stand firmly behind her on this decision. The only drawback is that she is an amazing teacher, and the school systems will lose a great teacher of math. BUT, it is time she puts her happiness first, and I look forward to the future.

-We saw Quasi the other night. A band we both have loved for 10+ years, and finally got the chance to see live. Great show. I spotted Stephen Malkmus there, and I was almost drunk enough to go high five him. Maybe I will get the chance at the show next month.

You can go look at drunken photos by clicking here.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Your Traffic and Weather Together

On the Air

The time change is F'ing us up over here. The sun is coming out at 6:00am. It is pitch black by the time I get home at 6:00pm. We will manage I am sure.

We just solidified some plans for my 30th birthday. Yes 30. I was going to put one of those big doomsday countdown clocks on the page, but realized that would be too much work. So yes I will be 30 years old in early December. Still can't grow a beard.

We decided to go to the southern Oregon Coast and chillax for a few days. Melissa found an awesome place that rents out condos on the beach.

I will soon be writing for another blog site. Metroblogging Portland, is a blog about Portland. Surprised? It features a handful of writers all talkin bout the city and such. It is part of a larger conglomerate of other City Metroblogs. I read a lot of this blog in advance of us moving out here. It helped me get a little feel for the city before we got here. Should be interesting/fun. At least I am hoping.

Melissa and I saw Feist perform the other night. That was another amazing show. Melissa is the big fan, I was ready to be a little bored. I was dead wrong. She is an amazing performer and singer. You can tell she is new to this success, which was nice. In front of 3000 people, she asked if anyone wanted to show off a talent or perform. So we got to hear a poem from some dude, and hear some girl sing a song. Pretty one of a kind experience.

That should do it for now. Any questions? Concerns?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fireside Chat

Friday night we went to see Jim Gaffigan at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Very cool place. Jim was amazingly hilarious. We were soo tired from the week though, Melissa was doing the nod-off occasionally. It is frustrating when that happens at an event you WANT to be alert and enjoy it. But your body fights you and usually wins. :(

Yesterday was a great day. We got up early to go do some volunteer(painting) working at the school Melissa teaches in. Easy work you can feel good about. We took a break and walked through the neighborhood, found a nice little yard sale.

The weather has been amazing lately. Fall seems to last about 2-3years here. This is a nice contrast to back in Oklahoma. The last few years in Oklahoma, it seemed like Fall lasted about 2-3 hours max. It really is beautiful here.

In the afternoon Dave and the Aqueduct boyz called me up and wanted to hang. They were in town for a show that night and had come the night before. I hadn't seen or really had the chance to talk to Matt since we moved. It was nice getting the chance to do that. Good Thai food was ingested.

That night Aqueduct played at Holocene. This was our first time at this venue, and I have to say hopefully the last. It was just a terribly designed venue for music. It appears to be an old warehouse with a bar and a few walls thrown up. Their website suffers from the same issue of functionality vs. cool factor. Nothing has been done to eliminate the echo chamber that is caused by concrete floors and 30 foot ceilings. Oh well, beer really helped my personal listening experience here. Aqueduct rocked pretty solid, and we had a blast. It is good to see Aqueduct getting better responses here in Portland, I need them to keep coming back in to town.

Aqueduct - Holocene (Portland, OR) - 11/04/2007

Aqueduct - Holocene (Portland, OR) - 11/04/2007

In other news... I will be 30 years old in 1 month. Good bye 20's. I have already received part of my 30th b-day gift. If you know me at all, you know I enjoy electronic gadgets, and more specifically phones. Did you buy and iPhone???!! No. I bought the newest Sony Ericsson Cybershot phone. The K850i. Besides being able to play all the formats the iPod does it also has a 5 megapixel camera, auto-focus lens, and xenon flash. There are a ton of features I won't list out. But basically I bought it so I could take pictures like this anytime I am out and not have to remember to lug a camera around.

Saturday Market - Portland, OR

Sleepy Dais

In fact, I haven't used our "real" digicam in a lonnngg time. This is just too convenient. And now will take better photos in darker lighting.

This week I think Feist is the only thing on our schedule. Besides lots of work, sleep, eating, and drinking. Thanks for reading.