Friday, June 29, 2007

Home Stretch

Things are coming to a close with us and Oklahoma. Today is my last full day of work at OUHSC.

Melissa has been packing like crazy at home. I cannot thank her enough.

I had my last band practice with the Subatomic Pieces last night.
It went really well. I will really miss those guys and that music.

Sunday night will be a great evening. It will be my last concert to play in Oklahoma. In addition to playing with Subatomic Pieces, I was invited to play with Student Film(band I used to be in). Oh it will be a rockin' time.

We close on the house Monday afternoon, then the movers arrive Tues. morning. We will then pack up the dogs and a few days worth of clothes, and hit the road.

First stop will be Tulsa to stay with my parents for a couple of days. Then we head out to Paragould Ar. to do the same with her parents.

Melissa's brother Chad has volunteered to make the journey with us to Oregon to assist with dog wranglin'. I really think this will be an enjoyable trip.

I have learned a lot about not worrying when you shouldn't, and letting things go a little more "unplanned". I look back on some fun times of being a teenager and I think that really was part of the fun. Let go of worry, let things happen as they will. But again it must be balanced a little with planning and preparations, and of course money.

So here's to Oklahoma! Here's to all the people we know. We will miss you all, and hope you come visit. I have spent my 29+ years in Oklahoma. It is time to move on and try something way different. I don't regret living here at all. I would have never had the good times and never met the great people I know now.

I hope you all stay tuned and part of our lives in anyway you can. Whether it be email, this website, myspace, or visiting in person. I promise to post when I can and provide photos.

Y'all take care now....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Can you feel the tension?

Click this to see what I am talking about, make sure your sound is on~

Friday, June 15, 2007


July 3rd

We will leave Oklahoma City July 3rd. We hired a moving company to move us. We will have to kill some time, so we will be visiting our respective parents in Tulsa and Arkansas after they take away 99% of our belongings.

I would love to see everyone who cares before we leave, hit us up.

I cannot wait to get out of this Oklahoma heat. We are pretty excited about our road trip across the country. Melissa's brother Chad will be joining us to assist in Dog wrangling and mediating the inevitable conflicts that can arise from driving for 4 days.

Melissa has done a great job picking a route, and we agreed that 8 hours a day in the car should be the limit.

I am glad this process has been a little slow to start, as I think most of my anxiety and freaked out stuff has passed. I look forward to a whole new life in a whole new place, with the woman I love.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

This is going too well...

Everything in the past few weeks has been working out way to well. I am starting to become suspect of the whole thing. It has become almost comical. I will admit, waiting for the call about that job was stressful and not-ideal; but everything since has been cake.

We signed a contract to sell the house within 5 days of hearing I got the job. Thanks to our secret agents Barrett, Shaun, and Nancy we found an apartment I think will be a complete dream come true.

Here are some photos/info:

Click Me

Cross your fingers, I think we are the first to apply for it, and should hear by Mon. or Tue.

There is a beautiful park across the street called Couch Park. They have an area where dogs are allowed, they provide the doggie bags.
Here is a photo of the park, I believe taken from the roof of the place we want to live in:

from the roof, originally uploaded by jolayne_a.

How perfect is that? It is THE location we fell in love with when we visited. We will be able to walk to dozens of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, a movie theater, grocery store, etc...

To get to work, I have to walk about 2 minutes to the street car stop nearby, ride it to the South Waterfront Stop. Get on the Tram (the Gondola thing below) and ride it up to my place of employment. How can I not look forward to that everyday? I promise to take photos on pretty days.

OH and that park across the street has free Wifi as part of the free Wifi the city provides.

Why did I live in Oklahoma so long?

Friday, June 1, 2007

not much

Hey! How ya been? Cool cool. What did you think of that Lost finale? Man I gave up trying to solve it.

How's the fam?

cool cool

Man, I want to hang out with Lemmy sometime. He rulz.

Oh you gotta run?

Well hey, I got that job in Portland. We will be moving soon.

Wanna buy a house?

OH and this will be part of my commute:

Portland Tram