Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Go ahead and add a new tv to that list down there. Thanks.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Oh the holidays. That's enough talk of all that.

My friend James has a website. He took all the awesome pictures of Student Film. Inlcuding the one on the entrance page to this website. I think he sums a good deal of stuff up with this:

(Stolen from
"Lowest rates, Guaranteed!

It was time for some text I guess. So, a rant is in order. Straightedge. I hate straightedge. I do not want to use the excuse that I am getting older to justify the feeling of needing a large distance from any kind of scene. I cannot think of what else it could be (although I have always hated just about every scene). If Heaven is filled with terrorists and right-wing Christians send me to Hell. I sometimes feel pressure about having worked in EMS and how it is causing me problems finding serious work now. I feel bad and selfish for a minute, but then remember bringing a man back from the dead. I quickly try and snap out of it. Cynical is one way to describe my feelings another is disappointment. Musicians, scene people, artists, politicians, ETC. live the craziest dream world I can think of. And I become disappointed. There is such energy in those fields and it is wasted on self-indulgence. Art is a great excuse to be lazy and suck up valuable resources. Get a job, better yet, I have an art project: write some kind of BS grant and raise money to start an art colony on another planet. No one understands your art here anyway. It could be great, musicians on one planet and painters on another. Every once and a while they could send a CD back to earth. Straightedge people could start a vegan restaurant on the sun. Take a few minutes and help someone else this holiday and tell no one about it. Good luck, see you in Hell."

So there you have it. I am finding it hard to be excited about anything. Then I get scared that I am already becomming a jaded grumpy old man at the age of 28(Dec. 4th).

Cheyenne is playing a "reunion" type show next month. I think it will be fun. I miss being around those DOOOODS. I will have to dust off that lapsteel.

Things that will cost me lots of money this week:
1. Sewer line getting snaked after the family left.
2. Fixing the TV's retrace lines.
3. My birthday present. ;)

Here's to happier thoughts later!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Tulsa photos

If you have never been on a downtown tour of Tulsa here is a chance to see what you have missed....

Tulsa Tunnels - Photoset by Lost Tulsa

Friday, November 11, 2005

Tivo + Domestic Violence

Let's see start with the violence or the Tivo?????

OK - True Story:

"Bang Bang Bang" on the door(no, not the lyrics to Love Shack)

I had just gotten a fresh beersky out of the fridge, I assumed it could only be Derek and Cyndi doing a "pop-in"

I open the door to two Police officers looking at me with an interesting look:

cops-"are you here by yourself?"


cops-"are you here with your wife?"


cops-"can we talk to her please?"

me-"of course"

Melissa gets of the couch from grading papers and stares at them blankly

cops-"Ma'am your sister called in and said that your husband has been beating you tonight, punching you in the face"

Melissa-(dumb founded) "aahhh, no?"

me-"what's her sisters name, you may have the wrong house"

cops call into dispatch they spout the name of the sister and my supposed wife, none of the names match anyone we know.

me-"ya my wifes name is Melissa not Suzanne"

cops-"sorry to bother you"

May not be such a great story to you all, but it was weird.


OK on to Tivo. Why the hell do you not have Tivo? NO good answer to that. I mean really... I don't understand it. How about this: Free Tivo Box?

Click here for info

I don't want to sound like a salesman, but you will thank me for it. If you do buy one use me as a reference when you set it up,