Friday, July 29, 2005

Hide Your Wallet

Wanna see something absolutely amazing?
I figured you did so I provided the link below:
Oh come on and click me!!!

If you are still looking for a wedding present. ANY of those will do. WOW.

Our newest "let's act like we are becoming adults" adventure is house buying. My brofie Derek and his main squeeze Cyndi (spell check suggested Cyanide, look out Derek!) hooked us up with a seller in their hood. We are super pumped, because it looks like a sweet deal, and hey, we will own a house.

Not much else happenin, lot's of Student Film shows this month. Come check us out! Laters to Beau and Heath. Good times boys, good times...see you both sooner.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Nice Try Eric

FLYpap3r12146(09:57:01): Hey Brian this is Jennie How are th ebeagles
bcoW(09:57:07): jenny who?
FLYpap3r12146(09:57:18): :-bcoW(09:57:55): last name will work
FLYpap3r12146(09:58:06): tell me more about ur work.
bcoW(09:58:15): who is this?
FLYpap3r12146(09:58:28): jennie 23/female/texas
bcoW(09:58:39): how do you know me?
FLYpap3r12146(09:58:52): I dunno about that one
bcoW(09:59:03): so we don't know each other?
FLYpap3r12146(09:59:17): i wouldn't know.
bcoW(09:59:32): that makes no sense
FLYpap3r12146(09:59:41): i'm not sure
bcoW(10:00:02): picture?
FLYpap3r12146(10:00:13): sorry, i dont have a pic
bcoW(10:00:36): I am confused
FLYpap3r12146(10:00:46): yea, ive been confused my entire life
bcoW(10:00:51): ok..........
FLYpap3r12146(10:01:01): yea...
bcoW(10:01:18): how do you know I have beagles?
FLYpap3r12146(10:01:26): i found ure sn on my buddy list and i didnt recognize it, maybe we know each other somehow? lol
bcoW(10:01:48): hmmm
FLYpap3r12146(10:02:02): hmmm, what do you want to talk about?
FLYpap3r12146(10:02:09): :-p
bcoW(10:02:12): how do you know I have beagles?
FLYpap3r12146(10:02:27): im not sure... somehow ug ot on my buddy list
bcoW(10:02:40): but that doesn't explain how you know what pets I own
FLYpap3r12146(10:02:56): i found ure sn on my buddy list and i didnt recognize it, maybe we know each other somehow? lol
bcoW(10:03:05): this is getting ridiculous
bcoW(10:03:07): lol
bcoW(10:03:09): lol
bcoW(10:03:11): HAHAHHAHAHA
FLYpap3r12146(10:03:14): relaly?
bcoW(10:03:14): heeeeheeeeeheeeee
bcoW(10:03:24): yes relaly
FLYpap3r12146(10:03:27): yae...
bcoW(10:03:39): this is a bot
FLYpap3r12146(10:03:48): lmao, im not a bot
bcoW(10:04:31): you don't have an ass
bcoW(10:04:34): you are a bot
FLYpap3r12146(10:04:44): u erally think so?
bcoW(10:04:56): ya
FLYpap3r12146(10:05:04): thats good
bcoW(10:05:06): you keep repeating yourself
FLYpap3r12146(10:05:17): me? no...
FLYpap3r12146(10:06:31): Are you still there?
bcoW(10:06:42): yes
FLYpap3r12146(10:06:52): thats good
FLYpap3r12146: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! GET EVEN! Have the bot prank all your friends by visiting imprank.ebaumsworld(dot)com

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Here comes the photos...

Melissa and I got a pro Flickr account, make us your friend. And go look at these photos:

Rehearsal Dinner:

Corrected and Edited Wedding Photos:

Unedited Wedding Photos:


Friday, July 15, 2005

Why do we put up with this heat?

OK we are back. We want to live in Seattle. Who knows... man... coming back to this weather and work was not so great. I love my wife. Check out the new Awesome Things link to the right. Tulsa Overground Film Festival. I run the stuff that projects the moving pictures on screen. It is always a great time, I highly suggest coming up to Tulsa for it. Student Film will be playing the Saturday Night after party most likely. Take care, go swimming.

Monday, July 4, 2005


))I have a wife now! Melissa and i want to say thank you to everyone who came. It was more than we could possibly dream for. I love my wife!


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Friday, July 1, 2005

Here it is

Ok so day before wedding. We are starting to roll. Family is arriving. Details are being sorted. I am looking forward to this. Melissa is the one, and I am so lucky to have found her. Hope to see some friends Saturday.

I will not be updating the blog on my honeymoon for obvious reasons, but click on my photos link, I will most likely be uploading pictures from our travels as we go. Leave some comments foo's.