Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cingular - How much I hate you/think you are genius

So my pretty new Sony Ericsson phone is making static sounds when you squeeze it while talking to someone. This is annoying, and both parties can hear it. Why do they call them parties? Anyway, I call the Cingular line, they run the basics over me, "Did it get wet? Did you happen to drop it? Did you put it in the microwave? Did you play baseball with it because you couldn't find your Wiffle Ball?" I made it past level one, and was told I needed to call the "warranty line". "But it must be from a different phone". First genius trick: Make them be stationary, don't let them get other things done in their life while they have to wait for us to answer.

So I call the number and after choosing English twice, and typing in my # twice(with area code first) I first get warned that my wait time may be longer than 10 minutes. THAN I get the beautiful hold music. I am still listening to it now at my desk at work. Daa daa daa daaaa. It's sort of like the Twin Peaks theme song, but less scary and a little more relaxing. Best part? It's a an obvious loop of 30 seconds!!!!! I crap you not, I have timed it. It plays for 30 seconds, stops, and then fades back in. It is so obvious. I think the military designed this to get terroists to talk. It's breaking my will to stay on hold. Oh shit, something just happend, some robot voice came on(all I could make out was the # 2), then silence, do I hang up and start again? Fuck this, surprising that when you need a phone warrantied, you get the run around. How many actually can wait this out? I am getting nothing but silence on the phone, I am hanging up and redialing. I am a douche.

You should hear this: 1-800-801-1101

Monday, May 30, 2005


Ok so you would think nothing is going on right? No Posts, must have nothing to say. Well lot's have been happening, but no time and no interest of writing it down is the problem. So what has been happening? Let us count/list the ways(in no particular order):

1.Dropped out of a band.
2.Finished sending all the wedding invites.
3.Atteneded David and Ingrid's wedding.
4.Slaved at my parents house(Mother's Day gift)
5.Joined another band.
6.Got offered a spot in ANOTHER band(jury is still out)
7.Continual planning of wedding.
8.Working real hard at job(people on vacation)

So that is the list. I am sure there is more.

David and Ingrid's wedding was a lot of fun, and was wonderful. It helped us relax about our wedding, because everyone was so laid back and it really seemed like they proved you can have a wedding that is wonderful and yet unstressful.

Writing on here may be a little sporadic as it approaches wedding day. Hope you all still come back to waste your time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What the hell happened to the internet?

Where is everyone???? Nobody to talk to anymore. What am I to do when work is slow? Seriously where is everyone? We got our first gift for our wedding registry! I sure hope people use that, otherwise I will be paying this credit card off until I am 83. You will see I conveniently placed links to the registry on the margins of this webpage. GIVE TILL IT HURTS!!!! Not much else to report.... Oh, I am dropping out of Cheyenne. Hope to see you online. please?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Near my office

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Call Your Mother

Tell her you love her. Look at my pics.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005


You don't have to know us to help us.
Please click the link and help us out. We have what we need at the house so we are just registering our honeymoon:
Click me!!!! PLEASE???

Sunday, May 1, 2005


Photos are updated, get on Flickr now!!! It rulz.