Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Freak that B**** Like your Trying to have a baby..."

Wow that lyric can be credited to Fat Joe. The skillz are more than I can handle. So what's up internet? How are the kids?

I have been just living, which is a nice change to last week. Melissa and I are mapping out a weekend of pure wedding planning madness. It should be a lot of fun. There will be no concerts to play, work to attend, etc... I think after this weekend we may actually end up being close to caught up.

Lately I have been nerding with my friends on Flickr. You will notice my photo page goes to my flickr account, it rulz. Basically it is an online photo storage/sharing/blogging/commenting/noting place. Just click these flickr links and enjoy. I started a group for my friends to share photos of each other with each other. Email me if you want an invite. Oh did I mention flickr is free?

Not much else going on. Tornado season is on the horizon. I always get excited about it. I really enjoy the drama and adrenaline it brings. One of my best times in college was drinking at a party house with friends(3rd St.) and a tornado warning was upon us. We drank and partied while preparing a "shelter" in the hallway. It was a blast. You had to be there.

I have always wanted to see a tornado in real life. I have lived in Oklahoma for over 27 years, its about time I see one. The video on the news is not enough, I want to see it. I want to hear it. Its such an amazing natural occurrence. I know, I know, they kill and make people homeless, and that is horrible. But man they are sort of beautiful.(I am not high)

So tell me waits up with you. And maybe this site won't slip into a void of crappiness.

OH WAIT! I saw Wilco the other night for the first time ever. They were soooooo good. That guitar player they have made we want to throw in the towel on playing.
See YA!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Starlight "songs still stuck in my head" Mints

OK, so lets recap. I learned 12 songs in 5 days. Normally not a big deal. But these are Starlight Mints songs. I love them. They are weird. Normally when you learn a bands songs, you learn the chord changes, a few "riffs" or melodies, etc... Except for 2-3 of the older ones, these were math equations.

But they followed no theorems or laws created by anyone. I am not saying these songs don't make musical sense, they do. But they are so well written and so well "worked over" that it makes it REALLY hard to learn it all quickly. I listened to the songs about 85% of the time I was not sleeping or practicing them live. When I woke up, the first thought that came to my mind would be the sound of one of their songs. I am not kidding. EVERY second of every waking moment I had the music in my head. It has yet to leave my brain.

Melissa and I took the day off from work to get some wedding stuff done. We accomplished a lot: Her wedding band, Groomsmen tuxes, invitations, cake pricing, and alcohol pricing.

The show:
We arrive at 3 for load in. The Violent Femmes are on stage sound checking. The "bass player" was playing with some effect that made his bass sound like a lazer gun. Ya it didn't get annoying I promise. The room was a basketball stadium holding 2000 people legally. It was a big box, which is perfect for creating a lot of natural reverb and slapback. Not the most favored things.

Standing on stage doing sound check you had two bands playing. Your band on stage and the band you heard about .75 seconds later from the back wall. It was hard to really concentrate on the ONE drumbeat you were supposed to listen to(the one on stage).

Then we were led to our green/blue room. It was entitled "the wrestling room". I think they named it that, because it consisted of two full size wrestling mats, workout equipment, and pictures of people wrestling on the walls. LUXURY!

They made us start way early at 7:05, and we were off and running. The next 50min was all survival. Drums were falling over, guitars were coming unplugged or muted. Sound was bouncing back at us to taunt us and mess us up. But alas no train wrecks. I missed a few parts, because my concentration could not be totally directed on the parts. But again no train wrecks.

I had a lot of fun. And told them to call me anytime they need any help, but maybe 2-3 weeks before?

To those who went: how did it sound? Did you have fun? Enjoy the Femmes?

Melissa and I stayed long enough to hear their pretty lame version of "blister in the sun" and headed out with intentions to meet up with friends at VZD's. As we started to notice how tired we were and how late it was getting, we decided to pull our patented "we think we are just gonna head home, we are really tired".

Thank you Melissa for putting up with me for 4+ years, and especially for the past week, I love you more than anything.

Anyone have any pics from the show?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Just a little patience.... yeaaaaaeeeeeeeaaaa

AIM IM with Brian Brewer (B C O W)
8:36 AM
theduty2: man have you seen today?
theduty2: good
bcoW(me): huh?
theduty2: you

Sunday, April 17, 2005

You are sooooo neglected

OK, not sure where to start with the standard, catching up. I received a call last week from a band needing a guitar player last minute notice for a show next week. The Starlight Mints seem to have had to lose a guitar player, but had a show booked with The Violent Femmes in Edmond next week.

Now keep in mind that was Weds. night. So we have 6 days to work up the set. Also Ryan Lindsey who plays piano in Cheyenne will be playing the piano parts with us. We have had to learn all these crazy, BUT awesome songs. Let me just say that my head is scrambled eggs, and my body hurts. We have been doing marathon rehearsals for about at least 4 hours a night(normally until about 12:30). We didn't practice last night. Cheyenne played Brothers.

Two words: fuck brothers.
Two more words: shit sandwich.

Ok just thought I might catch you all up a little. Sorry updates have been random if not non-existent, but understand the time constraints. See you Weds?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I am now using Flickr. It rules. You will see pics on the right and also on the left. The left side will be random, hit refresh to see new stuff. Also clicking the Photo's page will take you to my Flickr site.

If you are using Internet Explorer you may get a little drop down menu asking you to accept Active-x; do it if you can't see the pics on my margins. Then go and download Firefox!

woweee wowowsa

So..... hopefully not jinxing it, I, for the first time in about 4-5 years have not had a ciggarette in over 24hrs. (40 to be exact). This is a milestone. I think I am going to be able to do this!!!

I will be abstaining from driking alcohol for the next 2-3 weeks in effort to avoid slipage.

Your encouragement and support is requested. I have lots to say about this, I will write more later. Sorry if this seems like no big deal to you, its huge for me, again, I will explain later.

Check this out, I love checking to see what search strings were used to get to my site:

I think "Baxter Nose" is my favorite.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sorry, I must have fallen asleep....

So what's new? I will tell you what's new. We Cheyenne'd all over Tulsa's face on Friday. It turned out to be an ok show. The sound was what I like to call a little sub-par, but we made the best of it. Sold some CD's, and like I said we were able to Cheyenne.

Let's see, oh we(Melissa and I) got to hang out with old/good friends Jeremy and Reed. Jeremy is really my bestest friend, he actually cares about me and what goes on in my life. I have known him since pre-school. We hung out and got drunk, mainly talking about "old tymes", mostly high school. Sorry Melissa for talking about stuff you didn't know. But I think she enjoyed it ok, she probably learned a few things about my past. Like the bad haircuts, punk/elitist attitude, etc...

Hey! I got an awesome email from a reader! Here it is:

I'm a fan of your band and just wanted to give you some encouragement in your efforts to quit smoking. i'm 22 days into a quiting myself and let me just say:
1. the first 1.5 weeks sucks
2. i can't believe how much more energy I've had since quiting
3. to take a nice deep breath feels really satisfying

anyway, i know what you're up against - best of luck. i've really enjoyed your album, and your blog.


I said thanks and then he gave me a big rundown on what it was like to quit. I really think that is great that I can write some BS on this site, and some dood on the internetwebsuperdriveway wrote in to offer compliments and assistance in quitting my worst habit. THANKS INTERNET!!!

Saturday we went to the Locust Avenue, Student Film, Subatomic Pieces show. HELL YA! The Deli was rocked again. We had a great time. Both Student Film, AND Locust Avenue dedicated a song to me! I am so awesome. The Subatomic Pieces reminded me of Archers of Loaf, and it whisked me away to freshman year of college. I need to find that CD.

Ok this is enough for now. Keep commenting, I need the interaction.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005


As I was looking at my "stats" for the website, because yes I am a lo**r; I found that one person found my site by searching google with this search term: "drunk at hi-lo okc". For some reason that makes me feel good.

More Buddy Rich?

I smoked last night. I am an idiot. Trying again today.
Click me Punk, with sound on

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

No Hippies Allowed

So..... What the hell is going on?

This weather is rocking so solid I can't even believe it. I could do without the wind, and my front lawn needs a little water, but NO MORE FUCKING COLD!!!! I love it so much.

After a weekend of smoking like a 19 year old, I am trying once again to quit. It's about 4:00 and I haven't had one all day. I can do this anytime I think; the problem is after dinner. But now that I know my weakness I intend to not smoke tonight. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Stay tuned, its going to be great.

I got to use a chainsaw for the first time this weekend. I borrowed one from a co-worker, it was great fun. Now the Suburban sized brush/branch pile has been reduced to a pile I think I could jump over(not that I had the energy to try). I felt so sore after my marathon of yard work. I mowed the front and back, chainsawed the suburban, trimmed ALL the bushes in the front, and swept out the garage and front porch and sidewalk. I forgot how good that feels afterwards. I felt worthwhile and not so lazy.

Did I mention that I have a copy of The Locust Avenue CD? And did I mention that is indeed great. If you like Guided By Voices or rock and roll in general, check them out. Big show this weekend at the Deli in Norman, Locust Avenue and Student Film.

So now I ask, what's up with you? COMMENT YOU BASTARDS!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2005


Ok, so I put a few newer pictuers in the photo area. I will try and take some more soon. I want to give you lots to look at, but mainly all our pictures are of Beagles.

Friday night's show was awesome.

Friday, April 1, 2005

April Foo's Day

Hey what a day! The one day a year everyone is expecting a practical joke, but yet people still fall for some big ones.

Let me catch you up on what has been happening with me. I have been working, eating and sleeping. That's about it really.

I got a copy of The Fearless Freaks last night, it is pretty amazing. Do not even ask me for it. I am still going to buy it when it comes out, it is that good, and I want the extra DVD stuff. It actually gave me a new found respect for them. I had been losing interest in what they are doing lately. After seeing that film, I don't like the newer music any better, but I can understand what they are doing a little better. Good stuff. They will be premiering it at the OKC Museum of Art Thu. – Sat., April 21 – 23, 7:30pm; Sat. – Sun., April 23 – 24, 2pm. I think they may be doing a Q and A at one of these. GO!

And one little plug for our show tonight. Cheyenne will be joined by The Billions and Ryan Lindsey tonight at the Opolis in Norman. I think it will be a good show. I really like the stuff Ryan does. The Billions are such a fun band to see to. I love their, "Treasure or Trash" song.